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Restorative Dentistry

Restorative Dentistry is concerned with the care of patients who require restoration of the oral and the dental tissues. This involves the disciplines of periodontics (gums), endodontics (root canal therapy / removal of dental nerve) and prosthodontics (crowns, bridges and dentures), which includes dental implants.

At SC Dental Studio in Slough, our highly qualified specialists work with you to achieve your ideal smile and regain your confidence. We offer a full range of restorative dentistry to meet your individual needs, whether it be to prolong the life of your own tooth with a crown or indeed to replace one or more of your teeth with a bridge.

  • Fillings

    A filling will normally be carried out under local anesthetic.  The affected area will be cleared of decay or loose filling, the tooth will be washed and dried.

  • Bridges

    Bridges replace one or more missing teeth, by fixing the replacement teeth to the surface of the natural teeth each side 

  • Crowns

    Crowns can be used to cover and protect damaged or weak teeth. They can also improve the appearance of misshapen or discoloured teeth. They are essentially metal or porcelain sleeves which fit over the tooth.

  • Dentures

    Missing teeth can cause low self-esteem and greatly affect quality of life. Our teeth also give structure to our cheeks, so losing teeth can often make us appear older than we are as it causes the skin to sag.

Losing a tooth can have a devastating impact on your confidence if it makes you feel self-conscious about your smile in public. Whether it was lost through injury or advanced tooth decay, a single tooth can be successfully replaced by a dental implant with clinically proven treatment.

Replacing a missing or failing tooth with a single-tooth implant has great benefits over the alternative options of a bridge or denture

A dental implant is a small titanium screw that is surgically placed into the gap created by missing tooth. Once in position, the implant begins to integrate with the surrounding bone and tissues, firmly anchoring itself in position. When the implant is healed and secure, the second stage of the treatment can begin. The second stage entails the fixing of a crown or bridge firmly onto the implant. This restored tooth will look natural and blend in with the rest of your teeth, as it is designed to match their colour, size and shape exactly.

It is important to replace missing or failing teeth, as with fewer teeth on which to chew, the stresses on the remaining teeth increase and reduce their lifespan. Unopposed teeth can change position and interfere with the way you bite and chew, so causing further damage in the future.

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